Energydrink: do you choose artificial or natural?


Energy drinks are very popular and which goes for all products: you should be aware about the quality. Not one energy drink is the same and health professionals warn about the side effects of the so called 'first generation' energy drink, that contain artificial ingredients. These can have unintended effects on your body and an effect you don't always associate with energy. Luckily there is also an organic alternative. Like Nightwatch: the New Generation Extreme Energy Drink for Focus & Power. Nightwatch contains natural caffeine and is sweetened with natural ingredients. Let’s sum up the side effects you don’t want to suffer from.


What can we do while combating litter?


In response to an article by the NOS, we find it important to talk to you about the reduction of litter. Our population is growing everyday, aswell as the amount of trash that we produce. The consequences are very well known. Plastic bottles and cans age very well. In fact, while cans take 50 years to perish, plastic bottles will never. This is something we need to counter.