The Nightwatch Boxing Event will present the rematch between the Dutch and Belgian boxing teams. It has been 40 years since such match took place. At the time, TeamNL won all 11 games. According to TeamNL's national coach Hennie van Bemmel, this will be a totally different game:“The Belgian team is very strong with experienced boxers who are still in the race to participate in the Olympic Games”. The Dutch team includes various Dutch champions such as Delano James, Gradus Kraus and Donovan Vroom. The Belgian champions Ziad El Mohor, Victor Schelstraete and Lancelot Proton de la Chapelle will enter the boxing ring for the Belgian team. 

Not only renowned boxers will be competing at the Nightwatch Boxing Event, but also some boxers who will make their debute in the ring. It has been some time since TeamNL last introduced a super heavyweight into the ring. Gino Fonseca of Boxing School van 't Hof makes his debute for TeamNL.  Rotterdammer, Artjom Kasparian will be making his professional debute in his hometown, during the Nightwatch boxing event.

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The event will take place on April 16th and can be viewed on Ziggo Sport from 18:30H - 21:30H.

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  • Watertorenweg 200
  • 3063 HA Rotterdam
  • The Netherlands

Event Program

17:45 - 18:00 Sammy Wagensveld V.S. Tony Jas

Sammy Wagensveld will fight against Tony Jas of the Belgian team. Which of the two will win the fight?

Sammy Wagensveld V.S. Tony Jas
18:30 - 18:45 Munir Safi VS. Vasile Usturoi

At 18:30, Munir will fight against Vasile Usturoi of the Belgian team. Usturoi is a expierenced boxer who represented the Belgian team in the Olympic Summer Games of 2017. 

Munir Safi VS. Vasile Usturoi
18:45 - 19:00 Delano James VS. Mohammed Rachem

Delano James has been part of the Dutch selection and Team NL for a few years now. He is not only a powerful and tactical boxer, but also a stylish one. He has been awarded with style awards at various national and international competitions. In his carreer he has won 61 out of 95 games. During the Nightwatch boxing tournament he will compete against Mohammed Rachem of the Belgium team.

Mohammed Rachem is a well-known boxer. Mohammed fought for a qualification at the Tokyo Olympics at Copper Box Arena in London on March 16, 2020. He won the match with 4 of the 6 rounds.

Delano James and Mohammed Rachem are very daring to each other. It will be an exciting match!

Delano James VS. Mohammed Rachem
19:05 - 19:20 Gradus Kraus VS. Lancelot Proton de la Chapelle

Gradus is the son of Albert Kraus. The Dutch (kick) boxer who took part in the K-1 World MAX in Tokyo in 2002 and immediately won the tournament. Gradus is very passionate and wants to win the Olympic Games in Tokyo just like his father. Gradus Kraus will fight for TeamNL during the Nightwatch boxing event against Belgium on April 16.

He's going to compete against Lancelot Proton de la Chapelle who goes into the ring for the Belgian team. Proton de la Chapelle is a young boxer who competed for the French and now Belgian team. He has taken the victory at the Olympic boxing qualifying tournament at the Copper Box Arena in London. 

Gradus Kraus VS. Lancelot Proton de la Chapelle
19:25 - 19:35 Rick de Nooijer VS. Ziad El Mohor

Rick de Nooijer is a very competative boxer from a small town in Zeeland, the Netherlands. Every week he travels to Roosendaal to train with his expierenced topcoach Waleed Shekho. His goals are clear which makes him always extremely eager to get into the ring! 

On April 16 de Nooijer will be competing against Ziad El Mohor. El Mohor is a light heavyweight who started boxing 4 years ago. He has competed in the European Championships and made it to the quarter finals. Now, he is dreaming of the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo .  


Rick de Nooijer VS. Ziad El Mohor
20:00 - 20:30 Gino Pedro da Fonseca VS. Idris Senembio

The popular Gino Pedro da Fonseca (27 years old) from Amsterdam has a very fast knockout on his name. It took him only 2 minutes and 20 seconds to knock out the German Moritz Schacht. It has been quiet for a while around Gino Pedro da Fonseca, but he seems to be in top form. But is it enough to beat Idris Senembio, who represents the Belgian team?



Gino Pedro da Fonseca VS. Idris Senembio
20:20 - 20:35 Artjom Kasparian VS. Kemal Bratic

Artjom Kasparian was fascinated by boxing at a young age. However, he didn't get the chance to put on the boxing glove until he was 17 years old. He is now a full-time boxer, youth trainer and part of the Rotterdam Boxing selection. 

On Friday, April 16, he will debute in his hometown Rotterdam and compete  against  Kemal Bratic who represents the Belgian team.

Artjom Kasparian VS. Kemal Bratic
20:30 - 21:00 Donovan Vroom VS. Victor Schelstraete

Donovan Vroom is a fantastic athlete. As a top boxer, his goal is to entertain the world with spectacular boxing matches. He fights for the Dutch Boxing Association and has a good track record with (inter) national boxing and kickboxing matches. Donovan became South Holland's boxing champion in February 2019. 

On April 16 he is fighting against Victor Schelstraete from TeamBE. Schelstraete has made the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo his goal and on his way to this goal, he has won a gold medal in the Viking Box tournament in Denmark. Schelstraete has a knock-out record of just 178 seconds into the fight.

Donovan Vroom VS. Victor Schelstraete
20:40 - 21:05 Xavier Köhlen VS. Bilal Messoudi

Xavier Köhlen is not only a driven tax advisor, he is also a very technical en tactic boxer. As a karate fighter, he became a European Champion. In 2019, he won the Dutch championships. What will he bring to the ring, this April 16th?

He will be fighting against Bilal Messoudi who is originally from Germany, Cologne. Who will dominate the ring?

Xavier Köhlen VS. Bilal Messoudi
21:10 - 21:35 Willy Kyakonye VS. Némanja Kerezovic

Willy Kyakonye is a heavyweight who will be competing at the Nightwatch Boxing event. He will close the night with the last match of the evening and show the world why his nickname is the 'Ring Tiger'. 

Kyakonye will be competing against Némanja Kerezovic who is originally from Bosnia Herzegovina but is representing the Belgian team at the Nightwatch Boxing event! 

Willy Kyakonye VS. Némanja Kerezovic
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