Nightwatch supports Tiburón at the Batavieren race 2022

Since we love to power up sports fanatic initiatives, Nightwatch gives swimming club Tiburón a supportive push during the Batavieren Race 2022. Students from across the country dig up their running shoes to run  from Nijmegen to Enschede. Enthusiasts may choose the night, morning or afternoon run. After finishing all competitors, cheerleaders and other supporters reward themselves with the biggest student party in Europe!  


Sharks on asphalt

One might say: uh, Tiburón is a Swimmers Club, right? But hey, swimmers are humans after all. And after changing their swimming kits for shoes on the asphalt, these sharks (the meaning of Tiburón) can surely use some extra energy for a long run. And that’s exactly what differs Nightwatch from other sports drinks. The natural caffeine in Nightwatch from the Guayusa plant has a so called long chained structure. This causes a slow absorption of the caffeine by the body, resulting in long lasting energy. 


Nightwatch & Tiburón: a match made in nature.

Nightwatch embraces swimming: the sport where humans meet the natural elements on the cutting edge of energy. The 100% Plant Based Energy Drink for Focus & Power is the perfect match for the sharks that want to go the mile further. Whether it’s on land or in the water!

Nightwatch supports Tiburón at the Batavieren race 2022


Nightwatch supports Tiburón at the Batavieren race 2022
  • Grote Markt Nijmegen
  • 6525 AJ NIJMEGEN
  • Netherlands

Event Program

18:00 - 23:55 After party

After all this running, we will be rewarded by the biggest student party of Europe! So what are you waiting for to sign up?

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