Ultimate Warrior is powered by Nightwatch

Ultimate Warrior is not your average obstacle run. The creators of this event started with the belief that every single person has a true warrior inside. Everyone has the power to reach higher targets they originally only dreamt of. The event of Ultimate Warrior is designed to inspire people of every age and gender to get that true warrior out while transcending their own abilities. To believe in the qualities nature gave us, is a brilliant vison on sports that Nightwatch gladly supports as a sponsor.  


Back to nature, back to the elements

The base of Nightwatch lies in nature too. The guayusa plant, providing 100% natural caffeine, giving Extreme Focus & Power, comes from the In the Ecuadorian Amazon. It’s sustainably harvested by the Quichua tribes and amongst them are the ‘Nightwatch men’: warriors too, who trust in the plants extract to sharpens their instincts, which they need for hunting or during rituals. Drinking guayusa makes them able to focus more and gain power. Since we discovered them and their treasures, we closely work together to make the positive effects a 100% Plant Based Energy widely available. For this obstacle run, and all the other moments when you need long lasting energy.


Ultimate warrior: the obstacle run for everyone.

Whether you are young or old, man or woman, you want to get the most out of yourself or just want to have fun, we invite you to unleash your inner warrior. The Ultimate Warrior leads you through a unique nature reserve in the south of the country, which partly runs through the beautiful nature of Germany. So expect A cross-border experience, both literally and figuratively.


So many warriors, so many choices

The Ultimate Warrior offers many different distances with associated obstacles, so something for everyone. You can choose from 3 & 5 km (Family Run), 7, 14, 21 and 28 km (Ultimate Warrior), a 24 hour run and an extreme 56 km. The latter is called the Ultra Warrior and is designed for the real die hard for whom no mountain is too high. Since running around in the same laps can be quite boring, each lap up to 28km is completely unique. The Ultra distance and 24 hours obviously consist of a double round.


The obstacle run of fun

Having fun is one of the drivers to get the best out of yourself. We run like true warriors, completely with bandanas through beautiful surroundings with beach, forests, heathland, sand quarries and bunkers. As the distance increases, the obstacles will also increase in difficulty, but there will also be surprising (easier) obstacles waiting for you. We think it is important that you have a great day, have fun and get the most out of yourself. Talking about roots of nature: Bring your little warriors: we’ll make it a unique experience for the whole family.

Focus & Power!

And there’s another aspect that makes Ultimate Warrior one of it’s kind. As a final ‘obstacle’ make a unique wooden medal yourself on which you burn the logo of UW. And competitors are advised to keep their senses open during the run. You may be able to collect even more Ultimate Warrior collectors’ items during the run. So stay focused! A can of Nightwatch may be a good idea :-)


Ultimate Warrior is powered by Nightwatch


Ultimate Warrior is powered by Nightwatch
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