Pure energy

We keep it 100% plant based: no additives!

Even though using chemicals in beverage production to control factors like flavour or acidity and the addition of preservatives and antifoaming agents are allowed 

We keep it pure: no additives!


This also means we will not add stevia glycosides. Sure it comes from a plant but stevia crude plant extracts are forbidden in the USA and only purified and heavily chemically processed rebaudiana A and B are allowed to be added to food products in the USA and EU. 

We will not join this hype and continue to not add anything artificial. Nor will we add chemically isolated sweeteners such as stevia (E960). 

Nightwatch is only flavoured by fruit and flower extracts; in other words, less sugar and 100% plant based!

Get used to less sugar! It is better for your health.


Nightwatch, The New Generation Extreme Energy Drink!

Pure energy
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