Like Nightwatch popularity, demand for zero-alcohol is rising!

Like Nightwatch popularity, demand for zero-alcohol is rising!

The popularity of alcohol-free drinks in bars, clubs and restaurants is rising. Research by Nielsen, published by Horecava shows that people in the age range of 18 to 39 bought non-alcoholic drinks more often than before, in the last years. Not just in January, but all year round. And according to the same research, many establishments expect that the demand for alcohol-free will increase in the next two years. As a catering professional, this is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of, with your selection of drinks.


The conscious choice

One of the reasons people go for non-alcoholic options is because they are making more healthy and conscious choices. And the latter is mainly due to the social factor: behind the wheel after a drink or two is really less accepted than before! Which is a good thing. But the options are also many times more attractive than until recently. For example, there is more choice in types of alcohol-free or low-alcohol drinks that normally contain alcohol. Including options with more punch than the boring 0.0 alternatives. Such as Nightwatch, the 100% Plant Based Extreme Energy Drink for Focus & Power. The answer to the question of how to surprise your customers with alcohol-free!


Nightwatch: the powerful party drink

Like alcohol-free, Nightwatch is on the rise. Not only because it is the choice of a new conscious generation in terms of sustainability and purity of ingredients. But also because it is an attractive solution to stay fresh during an evening without alcohol. And more than that! Thanks to the natural caffeine from guayusa, you can dance the entire night if you want or stay extra sharp as a driver for the return trip.


Magnificent Mocktails

Besides, with Nightwatch you can also go fancy at the bar when it comes to presentation. Nightwatch is an ideal basis for surprising Mocktails: we even have a complete card available for the bartender. Alcohol-free enjoyment has never been so festive and energizing at the same time!

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