Thank you 2019!

Thank you 2019!

The end of the year is nearby and we would like to thank you all for contributing to it! A lot of exciting things happened in the past year. In 2019 we introduced Nightwatch to many more people in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and since recently also in the UK. We even were present at trade fairs in Mexico, Colombia and of-course Ecuador. 


This year, Nightwatch also officially received the vegan certificate, received a 100 % for our organic certificate, we managed to set its sugar levels to only 4,2 gr/100ml of natural sugars, we created three very tasty mocktails, the Ginger Niña, Orange Breeze and Indian Summer, developed a brand new design for our bottles and cans, we became available via some great national distributors like Sligro, Hanos, Foox, de Kweker, Foox, Dorstlust, Favorite Food, Henk Smit, de Gerstengel. Nightwatch is making great progress in the Netherlands. In Switzerland Nightwatch expanded with distribution at Alnatura Swiss, Huber Getränke Swiss, Euro Getränke Swiss ! Great job team Swiss. Last but not least Nightwatch is since two weeks also available via Amazon UK! Great job team UK.


Now fully charged with lots of positive energy, focus and power, we are looking forward to a great new year and to continue our mission in 2020 “to make the world a better place by providing an organic energy drink!”


With many exciting new opportunities ahead of us, we will have many new adventures and experiences to share with you about this amazing project called Nightwatch. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date, please click here to register. 


Team Nightwatch wishes everybody a happy, positive and energized new year!

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