Centrum Smaak Onderzoek

eCSO is a company that has a broad range of panels that research the taste and concept of a lot of products. Nightwatch is one of them. The panels that do the tasting are selected beforehand and only try one product at a time. This is important because then they will not by influenced by the quality of the product they tested before. 

CSO works for companies like Albert Heijn, Hak and Bolletje. They do not only test out products but also give workshops in forming a panel to test out products. The knowledge they have goes back to 1990 and is based on sensory examination. 

Our Nightwatch drink is either being tested blind or exactly with our brand name on it. It is not a test of comparison. They test on the focus and power that Nightwatch delivers. 

Centrum Smaak Onderzoek
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