Nightwatch supports the Green Matters Foundation

The Green Matters Foundation

The Green Matters Foundation is a foundation that lies very close to the heart of Nightwatch. The foundation aims to promote the preservation of cultures, nature, but above all, the environment around the world. They aim to help and develop small communities at a micro level so that the ancient knowledge that the communities possess don’t go to waste. They for instance pay attention to the preservation of medicinal plants, language and traditions. As a company that values working with the exact people that produce our ingredients in the first place, this is something Nightwatch supports. 


The Green Matters Foundation sets up small-scale companies and develops sustainable agriculture by purchasing land and planting trees. Not only do they contribute to the world and her smaller communities, they also give you tips and tricks to live a sustainable life. What can you do on your own?

We love the fact that they contribute so much to the world and pay attention to the value of small communities and the impact it can have when you work together. It is something Nightwatch appreciates very much when they think of the production of our own energy drink. 


Nightwatch supports the Green Matters Foundation
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