Nightwatch works with 100% natural ingredients

Nightwatch is made from natural ingredients only; we do not use any artificial ingredients. We think it's important to know what we put in our bodies because you are what you eat, right?

We know that the use of chemicals in beverage production is allowed. The long-term use of artificial ingredients is not something that has been researched enough. Factors like flavour, acidity, additions of preservatives and antifoaming agents are often used because of the convenience that comes with it. We don't like convenience. We like healthy and positive energy. 

Because of our all-plant based ingredients, you get all the energy you need in a day. We flavour our drink with guayusa, apple, white grape, lemon and agave. It is sweetened with organically grown fruits and flowers and the extracts give the most amazing taste and power. To feel good and focussed is something we believe can only be made true when using natural ingredients only. 

Nightwatch works with 100% natural ingredients
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