Nightwatch contributes to Reforestation projects.

At Nightwatch, we contribute to reforestation programs in Ecuador. Ecuador was the first country ever to recognize the Rights of Nature. In 2008 they declared the forests as fragile ecosystems. The Ecuadorian Constitution recognizes the inalienable rights of ecosystems to exist and flourish. It also gives citizens the authority to petition on behalf of the ecosystem and requires the government to take these petitions in serious consideration and remedy the violations of these rights.

You could say that the Ecuadorian Amazon is a well-protected forest. However, there remains a need for reforestation after years of not treating our planet properly. That is why Nightwatch works with multiple organisations to stimulate the reforestation of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Not only by initiating plant tissue culture projects, but also by cooperating and donating to NGOs who are planting trees in Ecuador.

One of the NGOs we work with is up2green. Their specialty is to connect different communities, companies, foundations and even individuals who are involved in the preservation of different ecosystems. They organise ecosystem restoration projects, community agroforestry and the development of local agricultural sectors. Nightwatch finds it important to contribute to such projects in the service of biodiversity. 


Nightwatch contributes to Reforestation projects.
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