Nightwatch contains healthy energy, straight from the plant. Drinking Nightwatch makes you feel good and balanced. It contains numerous beneficial ingredients.

L-Theanine, proven to ease down excited nerves, it helps prevent stress and anxiety. Together with naturally occurring caffeine in guayusa, it helps to improve concentration and it increases your focus on the job at hand.

Guanidine, while tempering blood sugar levels from rising, makes sure there's no energy crash after the kick. Combined with the unique blend of xanthines (caffeine-like compounds) found only in guayusa, Nightwatch gives you long-lasting energy without the crash or jitters. Another beneficial effect of keeping blood sugar levels low is the prevention of weight gain.


Packed with anti-oxidants.

Guayusa is one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals that would otherwise speed up cell degeneration. They help keep your skin healthy, support your immune system, prevent chronic disease, increase cardiovascular health, improve mood and boost memory. These are just a few of the wide range of beneficial effects anti-oxidants have on your health.


We only sweeten with fruit juices; no additional artificial sugars.

Let's be honest, sugars found in fruits contain as many calories as refined sugar. However, fruit juices come with a whole bunch of constituents such as vitamins and minerals absent in refined sugar. We keep calories in Nightwatch as low as possible. 


Flavoured with organic essential oils from flowers.

The flowers and herbs used to flavour Nightwatch are proven to have positive effects on mood and help prevent stress. 


Brewed with Alpine mineral water.

The most important thing to do for your health is to drink the best water. Regular tap water can contain contaminants like pesticides, hormones and other toxins not removed 100% by just filtering. That’s why we choose to brew Nightwatch in the Alps where some of the worlds cleanest water can be found. The source of the water we use is said to be over a million years old.


Oleanolic and ursolic acid.

This helps to reduce weight and get more power in the body. Also it help against infections and pain associated with inflammation.


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