BioXpo VitaSana.

BioXpo VitaSana is the trade show that aims to attract visitors from mainly Belgium, the Netherlands, France and other countries. With more than 250 brands, BioXpo VitaSana is the largest organic trade fair in Belgium. The exhibition offers you a platform where you can generate brand awareness with a targeted audience, gain additional inspiration and information, and where you not only meet new customers but also strengthen ties with existing customers. Moreover, we offer a nice program for and by professionals with interactive demos for which we receive support from BioForum Vlaanderen, Biowallonie, Horeca Vlaanderen ....

The Belgian market is one of the most exquisite countries for food products with an exceptionally wide and diverse range. Belgian food products are known for their delicious taste and quality. This reputation is well deserved, because Belgium is one of those countries where good food is part of the culture and where organic and sustainable products take an increasingly important position. Organic products have been on the rise in Belgium in recent years and are gaining momentum. Over the last 10 years, the Belgian organic sector has grown by an average of 10% annually, while the European average is 7.5%. The Belgian organic market therefore offers a lot of interesting opportunities as a market.

BioXpo VitaSana.


BioXpo VitaSana.
  • Brussels Expo, Hall 11

  • Brussels Expo or the Brussels exposition halls is the leading event-complex Brussels. Built from the 1930's onwards it is Art deco styled.
  • Belgiëplein 1
  • 1020 Brussels
  • België

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