Gladiators aan de Maas

On Sunday, November 14th, during the 4th edition of World Port Boxing, numerous Olympic boxers and professionals will enter the boxing ring. Together with the ‘Gladiators aan de Maas’ foundation, Rotterdam Topsport, the Dutch Boxing Association, Nightwatch organizes the largest two-day boxing event in Europe. Another great event of endurance and power perfectly fitting our 100% Plant based Extreme Energy Drink for Focus & Power. Join us in the Rotterdam harbour, where a huge tent will be erected on the quay of the SS Rotterdam.


Cubans meet Dutch meet the world.

Countdown to staredown! This year the champions from Cuba will compete against a combined team from TeamNL and a number of foreign top boxers. The evening will have its climax with two professional matches. Rotterdam’s local heroes Artjom Kasparian and Stephen Danyo will show their powers in the ring!


Enjoy the event VIP style!

To make sure you’ll be on a top place, you can already reserve a VIP table for 10 people. The price for a 10-person VIP table on Sunday costs EUR 995 (excluding VAT). Drinks, food and entertainment are included as always. You can book your VIP table via


Pass on your (company) details, contact person with email address, 06-number and the number of tables you wish to book. Reserve your table before October 10, 2021. We will send you an invoice. After receiving your payment, your reservation is guaranteed!


Please mind the covid rules.

Of course we cannot avoid mentioning that World Port Boxing is organized under possible rules that apply to help prevent the spreading of corona. These will probably determine the conditions under which we may organize the event and under which you may visit the event. For example the vaccination certificate and /or the mandatory test. In addition, no standing tickets will be sold: VIP tables only.

We look forward to seeing you all again in November!

Gladiators aan de Maas


Gladiators aan de Maas
  • SS Rotterdam Venue

  • 3072 AM Rotterdam
  • Netherlands

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