Komm Schon Alter

Nightwatch meets you at Komm schon Alter, das festival.

Deep melodies and sturdy grooves. On and on, more and more. For those who have some dance experience in their guts, ‘komm schon Alter’ ist ‘das festival’. This 24+ party will kick off on June 11th in Amsterdam

Teledisko’s, Berliner Clubs and.... Nightwatch.

Nightwatch 100% Plant Based Energy Drink for Focus & Power will be available in gallons for those who simply cannot stop grooving on melodic tunes. This crowd comes for quality only. No kids on the dancefloor floor, nor music for the millions. So we reckoned these lovers of fine stuff, don't like added rubbish in their energy drinks either. Nightwatch is 100% Plant Based, only contains natural ingredients and provides long lasting energy. We’d love to see you there!

Komm Schon Alter


Komm Schon Alter
  • Tuinen van West

  • Piet-moeskopspad
  • 1067HR Amsterdam
  • Netherlands

Event Program

12:00 - 23:00 Laserkraft 3D, Dj Isis, Joris Delacroix and many more!

Arjuna Schiks


Dj Isis

Dominik Eulberg



Joris Delacroix


Mees Salomé

Mimi Love

Miss Melera

Laserkraft 3D



Olivier Weiter

Rob Hes

Rose Ringed

Roswitha & Paboona

Secret Cinema

Seth Schwarz


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