Energy dip hacks from the pro’s!

Energy dip hacks from the pro’s!

Energy dips: everyone gets them. And according to research they are totally natural. Most of the time they occur after a heavy lunch, or just naturally around 3 o’clock. Your body creates melatonin around this time because it wants you to take a nap. Perfect, when your work conditions allow you to do so. A bit less convenient when you actually want to continue working. We’ve collected the hacks for you to prevent and tackle your energy dip.


Start the day with a nutritious breakfast. This will make you feel energized and strong to start
the day. A nutritious breakfastIt will also help you to not eat the heaviest lunch there is. A
heavy lunch and overeating carbs will make you experience an energy dip. Your bloodsugar
will rise quickly, but then it crashes soon after. Not ideal! Leave the fast sugars, which you
can find in white bread, sweet toppings and pasta, and replace them with proteins and
healthy fats. If you do decide to have a heavy meal: go on a quick walk after lunch! The
sugars will be absorbed more easily.


Apart from exercising, sleeping well and eating nutritious food, you do have another option to tackle your energy dip. Nightwatch is a 100% plant based, extreme energy drink. The xanthines that can be found in our main ingredient guayusa, release their energy slowly over time. This natural blend of molecules prevents you from experiencing a sugar rush or an unavoidable energy dip. Nightwatch gives you extreme energy, but in a positive flow. It prevents you from experiencing highs and lows that other artificial energy drinks or fast-sugars might cause.
Nightwatch tackles your after-lunch dip!

Nightwatch the new generation extreme energy drink, 100% plant based for focus & power! The choice of a new conscious generation.

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