From Pencak Silat to MMA: Roland Goedhart's Journey continues on 21 april

From Pencak Silat to MMA: Roland Goedhart's Journey continues on 21 april

In the world of combat sports, there is no discipline as pure and strategic as MMA. Two individuals enter the octagon, where only the very best triumph through a combination of the most effective techniques, unwavering conditioning, boundless perseverance, and determination. On April 21st, Dutch MMA fighter Roland 'No Time' Goedhart will be ready at the media haven in Amsterdam to maintain his undefeated professional record and set his sights on the championship belt. Experienced Polish fighter Patryck Molka stands as his obstacle to MMA glory. With Focus & Power by his side, our Nightwatch ambassador is driven to prove that his fighting is of a higher level than his opponent.

Goedhart vs. Molka

The fight will take place in the catchweight class up to 88 kg on the LFL 12 Fight card. 'No Time' has so far knocked out all his opponents within the first round of his professional career. Molka should pose a greater challenge for the Pencak Silat specialist. The Pole has been active as an MMA fighter since 2013, whereas Roland has focused entirely on MMA for six years. Although Molka holds the experience advantage in MMA, Goedhart has been skilled in various martial arts since the age of seven.

Pencak Silat

At that age, Goedhart became involved in Pencak Silat, an Indonesian martial art based on the movements of animals like the tiger. The sport originated in West Sumatra but has been perfected over the centuries. The modern style of Pencak Silat is characterized by hard, swift strikes and kicks, forming a solid foundation for Roland's striking game. Goedhart started competing at the age of nine and engaged in full-contact matches from the age of thirteen. The pinnacle of his Pencak Silat career came at the World Championships where he secured the silver medal and was named the tournament's best fighter.

Mastering the Art: Goedhart's Evolution into a Complete Fighter

But Roland's obsession with combat sports drove him further; he expanded his techniques by practicing Taekwondo and Kickboxing, evident in his quick KOs over his previous two opponents. Goedhart fought in multiple kickboxing matches, numerous Taekwondo competitions, and became three times Dutch champion in full-contact all-style point fighting, a discipline UFC fighter Michael 'Venom' Page is known for. Six years ago, he sought a new challenge and found it in the wildly popular MMA. Here, he found the ideal stage to develop into a complete fighter who is not afraid to go to the ground. Coming from Pencak Silat, Goedhart had an excellent foundation in sweeps and throws, but by practicing grappling, he ushered in a new chapter in his martial arts career.

Witness History: Goedhart's Defining Moment on April 21st

His opponents prefer to avoid him standing up, but after six years of intensive MMA training, Goedhart's grappling is better than ever, and his wrestling has become a potent weapon. Wherever the fight goes, Goedhart won't be caught off guard anymore. Make sure not to miss this Nightwatch 100% Plant energy drink ambassador as he makes a statement on April 21st at the media haven of Amsterdam. The match is also available for viewing on Viaplay.

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