Improve your gaming skills with Nightwatch extreme energy!

Improve your gaming skills with Nightwatch extreme energy!

Do you feel like your focus & power need improvement, but you don’t know how? Nightwatch is your new best friend. Not only does our 100% plant based, extreme energy drink provide you with long-lasting energy. It also increases your reaction speed. Here’s why.

Long lasting energy for your game.

Nightwatch caffeine can be found in the guayusa plant, which also contains l-theanine. The l-theanine makes the caffeine release slowly over time. In contrast to what you’re used to in artificial energy, this prevents you from experiencing a coffee-crash. It also means you don’t get any highs or lows, connected to coffee or sugar. 

Extra focus and reaction speed.

Guayusa also contains the alkaloids theobromine and theophylline which are properties that increase your ability to focus and raise your energy levels. Thus, Nightwatch doesn’t only improve your energy physically, but also mentally. Besides the alkaloids, the amino acids also improve your mental state and thereby help you relax. This way, all of your energy can be focused on your game and no stress will distract you from it. Plus they contain a large number of nutrients! 

No added sugars

We find it important for you to know that Nightwatch does not contain any added sugars. The main reason for that is the prevention of sugar crashes. An equally important reason is your health. We would not want to stuff ourselves with sugars, with the illusion of getting energy from that. The only sugars that can be found in Nightwatch are the naturally occurring ones that provide you with vitamins. 

Overall, it seems like you need to shift your focus to 100% plant based extreme energy. Nightwatch will get you the focus & power you need for your game! It beats the alternative energy drinks, so you can do the same with your game opponents.

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