7 golden tips for starters in weight training

7 golden tips for starters in weight training

So you want to start weight training! Great idea. weight training can help you become fitter, stronger, and better prepared for lots of different sports. But where to start? We’ve summed up 7 great tips to give you a kickstart.

1. Determine why you are going to train strength

Why do you want to start weight training? Want to get stronger -with a lot of muscle building- or shaped differently? Maybe you want to lose weight, have a more sculpted body with more visible muscles? Or do you want to get fitter? Determine what you want to achieve so that you practice the good. Let's unpack that last less-expected one:

2. Example: stronger or fitter?

Because muscles are one thing, but weight training is also a good idea for those who want to keep fit. If running isn't your thing you may consider circuit training: a perfect fitness workout. Imagine 10 exercises in a circuit, Do them all one minute and allow yourself seconds recovery between each exercise. After that decrease the rest periods with the aim to keep the heart rate elevated throughout the session.

Want to train more alternative? Try 'density training'. Choose your 8 to 10 favourite exercises which you want to perform with a minute of rest between each session of 8 reps. You keep your rest periods each training block, and the same weight for all reps, but decrease them gradually over time. For example: you start with 60 seconds rest between sets and take 15, 10 or 5 seconds off each week. With this technique you perform high-volume weight training sessions.


3. Make a plan

How many times a week do you want to train? Which are your most comfortable days? With a plan you train better and you last longer . Once you have determined how often and when you want to train, you choose a training schedule. Did you know that making a schedule is often made for free by a gym if you have a subscription? Not a member and are you going to train strength yourself? Google 'basic exercises' and you will find ten that you can get started with, often with the number of repetitions, breaks, with weights, dumbbells, barbells, use of your own weight (lunges, squats), etc.

4. You're not a Marvel hero yet. Start light.

Yes, you're having a good time. But don't immediately lift above your strength. Make sure you get the exercise under control and master the technique first. Focus on performing the exercises calmly and correctly. When you really have this under control and it feels good, you can slowly increase the weight. It is good for your training course and more importantly: it prevents injuries.



5. Go on and keep track

Once you've found your pace, keep track of your training progress. Simple by writing down for each exercise how much weight, how many sets and how many repetitions you have done. And try to make progress on this every week. Such as 'more weight', 'one rep (repetition), but e.g. a more focused smooth (slower but better) execution can also be progression. You slowly increase the sets and reps or shorten the rest breaks. See the next tip for this.

6. Eat, eat, eat. But eat right.

Nutrition and strength training are inextricably linked. Without the right nutrition, there will be no results. The right building blocks are needed to change your body. Many people underestimate the importance of good nutrition when they are engaged in fitness.

Depending on your goal, you will adjust your diet accordingly. In short: if you want to gain muscle mass, you will have to consume more calories than you use. If you want to lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Proteins are good to take anyway. The right nutrition (and don't forget rest) not only provides build-up, but also helps in lose weight.

7. Drink, drink, drink. And drink Nightwatch.


Actually, we don't have to explain drinking, do we? We lose quite a bit of fluid and you really want to replenish that before, during and after training. And are you looking for extra energy during your strength course? Then Nightwatch is the best energy drink for extreme focus and power that you can choose as a fitness enthusiast. Nightwatch is 100% plant-based with the unique ingredient guayusa. This gift from the Ecuadorian jungle provides a sustained release of natural caffeine. As a result, you experience long-lasting energy and you can use it as a starting strength trainer!


Go get those weights and enjoy (our 8th but not the least tip)!

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