Never too tired for leg day

Never too tired for leg day

Some people consider leg day as the most boring day of the workout week. They would much rather pump their chest, arms, shoulders: literally any other body part. Leg-strength work is simply too much effort for a body part that won’t get as much attention. That’s why people tend to ignore muscles they can’t show off. Not a gym fanatic? Triathlon athletes also perform better if they build up their legs’ strength. No excuse: never skip leg day.

1. Choose the right ingredients

Finding fitting equipment is not easy. Online there’s an overwhelming amount of training shoes, socks and clothing. Turn to a store with professional staff. Picking the right ingredients makes all the difference for your workout. That’s one thing we know for sure at Nightwatch. We’re proud of our 100% plant based extreme energy drink. Our main ingredient? Organically harvested guayusa.

How to increase your legs’ power?

Single-leg deadlifts, single-leg bridges, high step-ups, single-leg heel raises, side planks: you name it. Instead of devoting one single day per week to your legs, you can also add these exercises to your daily workout or run. Some take less than five minutes. Sounds doable, huh? Especially if you incorporate our other tips as well.

2. Stretch

Key to building strength: stretching. Often neglected by, well, almost everybody. Stretching provides overloading of the joints. It also provides extreme focus and power. Sounds familiar? Nightwatch does just that.

3. Rest

Putting your feet up is essential to build leg-strength. Make sure you get plenty of rest and focus on quality instead of quantity. Had a good night’s sleep and still not ready to hit the gym? Lean on us. As Nightwatch contains less sugars, there’s no sugar dip. We’ll provide you with long lasting energy. You’ll never be too tired for leg day.

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