How do you train for the Amsterdam Marathon?

How do you train for the Amsterdam Marathon?

You're reading on, so let's assume you're a runner! He has been back since 2019: He the Amsterdam Marathon! The start and finish will take place in the historic Olympic Stadium. The course in Amsterdam is known for its flat, fast and historic character. For example, the tens of thousands follow part of the route of the Olympic Games in 1928! Along the Amstel, stately mansions and characteristic windmills.

Whether you take time out for sightseeing or close yourself off from the peak performance, it's 42192 meters that you complete on a run. If you have a starting permit, then you are already in training. Still, Nightwatch - the 100% plant-based energy drink for focus and power - gives you some smart tips that can help you. Because that preparation is half the battle.

Of course you have to take that distance seriously. Stil you want to have a lot of fun with it. What do you have to do and not do to enjoy running a marathon?

Quick gear check

Yes, it's you who does the walking. But some helping stuff can come in handy. Getting you into the competition mood making your run more comfortable and even faster. There it goes:


Start license.

Handy if you want to be admitted to the start area



What do you say? “I already have shoes?” You are going to run a Marathon! Treat yourself to a fresh pair, with virginal cushioning.


Sports watch.

Do you have exactly the right features available?


Heart rate monitor.

What does your body actually think of this hour-long load? Be kind to your heart and get the most out of yourself safely!



With or without noise cancelling? Is your playlist ready yet?


If you want to go fast, take it easy

It could be a 'quote on a tile' and it is really true. For long-term training, we can tell you that you should not rush anyway. A marathon schedule is pretty tough, so you don't want to run too fast. There are a lot of quiet periods in those schedules, so you'll be fine.

And realize: your schedule are not sacred. Follow it, but above all follow your own feeling. So vary your speeds to get a feel for what's comfortable and what feels good and what doesn't. Then it should be fine. You started this because you like it! Even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes, keep enjoying it.

Food and drink

Already using a gel? Try out the different types. What's tasty? What not? What works for you and what doesn't. Not only for your body but also in terms of comfort: practice how to carry them with you. Where you leave the packaging. Because how beautiful is that environment! So how nice would it be if we all keep a little tidy there. There are already many runners who consciously deal with this. As the energy drink of the new conscious generation, Nightwatch fully supports this.

Which sports drink?

And then we come to our favorite tip. Which sports drink works best for you? Try and compare. We also did. :) And to get straight to the point: we think Nightwatch is the best. “Yeah, huh, makes sense,” you'll say. But we have 2 great reasons to support our view:

1. Nightwatch is 100% plant based. The South American guayusa plant produces natural caffeine. The xanthines present ensure that they are released and absorbed into the body regularly and over a longer period of time. So no caffeine boost, but long-lasting energy. End at is exactly what you can use in a Marathon.

2. Nightwatch has no added sugars. huh? Do you really need sugar? Yes, but the added sugars in most energy drinks only give you a short energy boost. Unfortunately, the same amount of sugar also means that your body experiences a sugar dip afterwards. So counterproductive. Or you have to keep drinking liters of it during your run. Doesn't seem like an option to us. Nightwatch only contains sugars from 100% fruit juice, just enough for a delicious taste. No more.


Plan ahead

If you've got one week left, you probably already know you're going to be stacking carbs. But how does your body react to it? So try this out some time in advance. A lot of pasta every day can turn out differently than you hope and there are many other carbohydrate-rich foods. Get your body used to it before you are in the last week.

But it is also best to arrange 'peripheral matters', so that you no longer have to deal with them the night before. You can't put things out of your mind until they're in order.

Prepare your running gear well in advance. Know your ideal clothes and the maximum clothes you need. And take care of different kinds. There is nothing more changeable than the weather. And you want to be able to quickly put on the right thing in the morning under all circumstances.

Stay cool!

Last but no least -we cannot stress this enough-  you're about to do something great! So enjoy it and don't lose sleep over it, worrying. Stay relaxed and you will soon be in your starting area with a big smile and full of confidence. We wish you a lot of fun and extreme focus and power!


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