Caffeine versus Nightwatch Extreme Energy

Caffeine versus Nightwatch Extreme Energy

There’s caffeine, and then there’s Nightwatch extreme energy. 

The caffeine market gives you different options when it comes to caffeine- and energy containing products. So why is it that you should choose Nightwatch extreme energy drink 100% plant based for focus & power? We'll compare them for you!


One of the oldest known caffeine products and very embedded in our society. But it gets trumped easily by Nightwatch extreme energy. The caffeine in our main ingredient, guayusa, is being released differently into your body than the caffeine in coffee is. Guayusa contains the amino acid L-theanine, which releases the caffeine slowly over time, instead of inserting the caffeine all at once. Therefore, it prevents the highs and lows connected to drinking coffee and the so-called coffee crash.

Energy gum

As was just mentioned, the natural blend of molecules in guayusa releases energy slowly over time so that you can enjoy long lasting, extreme energy. A gum increases this fast release of energy even more, because you absorb the energy in your mouth and it quickly goes into your veins. This will give you an energy dip, right after trying to get out of one. 


Sports drinks don’t contain any caffeine, but can feel like they do, because of the added sugars they contain. Added sugars are sugars that are not naturally found in foods like fruit or milk, but added in the process of making a product. Sports drinks and artificial energy drinks are often full of them. They are usually added to increase the level of sweetness but also to give you a great amount of energy. We call them ‘fast-sugars’. They give you the rush and energy you need, just like any other sugar bomb, but it isn’t a long term solution for energy. In fact, it will make you feel de-energized because of the level of your blood sugar. When this gets too high, your body makes insulin to lower it down and you will feel even more de-energized than before.

At Nightwatch we only want you to feel energized which is why we did not add any sugars. Our main ingredient guayusa contains enough natural caffeine, making an overload of sugars - that your body can’t process - superfluous. The only sugars that our drink contains are natural ones that can be found in fruits and plants.

Artificial Energy

As with many artificial products, caffeine comes with a great amount of harsh chemicals. And with these chemicals we do not mean the hydrogen and oxygen that can be found in water. No, artificial caffeine is made with methylene chloride, ethyl acetate and carbon dioxide. These are ingredients that can cause very bad health issues. Why then still use them? It is cheaper and can be made in any environment, as long as you have a factory. 

Moreover, artificial caffeine is associated with a ‘crash’ of energy because of the fast release of energy. To cover that, it stimulates you to drink another which will just make you go around in circles. The natural caffeine that can be found in guayusa is accompanied by vitamins which minimise the crash that artificial caffeine delivers.

Need any more reasons?

It’s pretty clear that Nighwatch trumps your average caffeine drink. But there are more advantages! Nightwatch is 100% plant based and thereby vegan. It is gluten free and has the bio certificate.

Antioxidants are very important for your body and guayusa contains more antioxidants than coffee and other drinks. Guayusa even contains more than green tea, which is supposed to be known for its level of antioxidants. The antioxidants foster the immune system and help your body to get rid of all the damage alcohol, smoking or bad food can do to your cells. Our drink has the ability to reduce oxidative damage to your cells, which of course also helps to prevent energy dips.

Furthermore, with every can of Nightwatch that you buy, you contribute to the improvement and support of the Ecuadorian farmers who harvest the guayusa plants. What more would you want?

Nightwatch the new generation extreme energy drink, 100% plant based for focus & power!
The choice of a new conscious generation. 

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