Nightwatch extreme energy: your substitute for pre-workout supplements

Nightwatch extreme energy: your substitute for pre-workout supplements

Pre-workout supplements have been getting more attention over the few years that they have been around for. We ask ourselves why? Because the only ingredient you need for extra focus and power is the caffeine from guayusa. 

Due to research, we now know that caffeine has got great qualities that improve your workout. Firstly, because it makes you forget about your tiredness. Which enables you to focus fully on your workout. Secondly, because it gives your nervous system a boost with more power than you're used to.

Beware of artificial

In a lot of caffeine-containing products, artificial energy can be found or caffeine from cocoa. This either comes with a lot of bad ingredients, or it will be released at once with a short term effect . In the worst case, it does both. 

Moreover, pre-workout supplements contain a lot of side ingredients, next to their fast-caffeine. While some of the brands involved advise you to get some more information before taking it, a lot of them are not clear on the exact ingredients they contain. Unaware of the exact intake  you may not improve your work-out the best way possible. That is why Nightwatch has designed the perfect 100% plant based, extreme energy drink.

The natural power of guayusa

The caffeine that is used in Nightwatch comes from the guayusa plant. The plant provides a special combination of caffeine and l-theanine. In contrast to artificial caffeine or caffeine from cacao, this caffeine does not kick in all at once. The natural blend of molecules releases energy slowly over time so that you can enjoy long lasting, extreme energy. 

Moreover, our energy drink is 100% plant-based, which makes you able to enjoy our drink, and know exactly what ingredients it contains. There aren’t any added sugars in Nightwatch, since it only contains the naturally occurring sugars of our fruits. They provide for vitamins and antioxidants. This low level of sugar makes you able to absorb Nightwatch quickly, instead of feeling bloated right before your workout. The caffeine however, will still be released slowly over time. Making it the perfect way to get energized during a long part of your workout.

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