A positive impact on your health and the environment.

A positive impact on your health and the environment.

Plant-based diets are taking the market by storm! There is a refocus of priorities where consumers really care what they put into their bodies. Health and wellbeing have become the core drivers, with many consumers reassessing what they eat and drink and their impact on the planet.

So with more and more people looking to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, incorporating plant-based options into their diet is a great way to start. And the best part is that you don't have to make drastic changes overnight. By implementing plant-based options one step at the time, you can make a positive impact on your health and the environment.

Nightwatch is here to give you best of both worlds!

  1. It's 100% plant-based (and vegan!)
  2. It provides long-lasting energy, focus & power.

As you might know by now, Nightwatch is a plant-based extreme energy drink that is made from the leaves of the guayusa plant, which is native to the Amazon rainforest. Guayusa is a super leaf that provides long-lasting energy and increased focus & power due to its high caffeine content. Nightwatch is flavored by fruit and flower extracts, no additives are added at all!

The new generation energy drink.

In other words, Nightwatch is the new generation energy drink, where extreme energy meets the pure power of nature.

Additionally, Nightwatch is committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing, making it a great choice for those who are environmentally conscious. Besides sustainable and ethical sourcing, we also contribute to many sustainable and social projects, such as replanting of the jungle in Ecuador and the prevention of child labour and the promotion of education.

Nightwatch really is the choice of a new conscious generation, changing the future of energy to one that is plant-based, positive and pure.

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