Changing the future of energy to one that is plant-based, positive and pure.

Changing the future of energy to one that is plant-based, positive and pure.

Are you tired of feeling jittery and anxious after consuming a first generation energy drink? Look no further! Nightwatch doesn't give you these negative side effects! Our innovative energy drink harnesses the power of organic ingredients to provide sustained energy without the crash.


In a market saturated with sugary, artificially flavored energy drinks, Nightwatch stands out for its commitment to quality ingredients and sustainable sourcing. Unlike many first generation energy drinks, Nightwatch is made with 100% organic ingredients, one of them being guayusa, a super leaf from the Ecuadorian Amazon which is carefully processed to retain the natural caffeine content of the leaf.

But what sets Nightwatch apart from other organic energy drinks?

For starters, its long-lasting energy. While many energy drinks provide a quick jolt of caffeine followed by a crash, Nightwatch delivers a steady stream of energy over a period of hours. This is due in part to the organic caffeine content, which is absorbed more slowly by the body than synthetic caffeine.

Another key ingredient in Nightwatch is L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea leaves that has been shown to reduce stress and improve focus. By combining organic caffeine with L-theanine, Nightwatch provides a balanced energy boost without the jitters or anxiety often associated with energy drinks.

And let's not forget about the sustainability factor. Nightwatch is committed to sourcing its ingredients from ethical and environmentally responsible suppliers. Check our projects here.

Nightwatch is a refreshing change of pace.

Our innovative energy drink offers a delicious, sustainable, and effective alternative to traditional energy drinks. Last but definitely not least, Nightwatch is 100% organic and vegan, changing the future of energy to one that is plant-based, positive and pure.

The choice of a new conscious generation.

 So the next time you're in need of long-lasting energy, reach for a can or bottle of Nightwatch and experience the power of organic energy.

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