How to beat injuries in the gym?

How to beat injuries in the gym?

You've been sitting in front of your laptop all day and you think: exercise! Let's go! So you grab your bag to give it a go in the gym. Switch back for a moment. Directly from that office chair to 'big right into it' is not a good combination. A good warming up is something many people forget. Essential to turn your well-intentioned sports evening into a disaster. And here are even more tips to make sure you don't get injured.

1. Get advice and make a plan

Don't just go into the gym and think: device here, dumbbell there. That attitude, combined with a not-too-fit base, is a recipe for injury. Ask for advice. It can make a difference for your training goal, but also in terms of extinguishing. The gym employees don't go there for nothing. Check your best course, training sessions, schedule and you're going like a rocket. Isn't anyone around? Vary. After the warm up, do as many exercises as possible with attention to different parts of your body. A total workout is better than overtraining a small part.

2. Lift what you can lift

You want to surpass yourself. Fine! But that only works if you build up. Taking weights that are too heavy too soon is counterproductive. Try out your ideal starting weight with which you initially comfortably reach the number of reps. Is it getting too easy? Only then go heavier. In small steps. You will be happy with the result.

3. Breathe well

Sounds simple huh? It can make a lot of difference. Breathing well ensures better relaxation. Breathe in through your nose so that your belly expands and not your chest. Exhale through your mouth. This way you recover faster from exertion. The opposite: breathing with your mouth open and no further than your chest causes higher blood pressure and tense muscles. Not really a stress-free way to train.

4. Focus

So keep your head up and you'll be fine. Focus & Power. Nightwatch, the 100% Plant Based Extreme Energy Drink, helps you with exactly those two. A fresh can of Nightwatch between 'closing the office door behind you' and 'hello gym!' is therefore also recommended. Enjoy!

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