Immune System

Immune System

Immune system boost,

The genus Ilex is renowned for its richness and abundance in immune system boosting compounds. 



The polyphenols, saponins, the Chlorogenic acids (CGA) contained in all Ilex species have a long known and solid reputation for their health benefits. 

Plants from the Ilex genus such as Ilex guayusa and Ilex paraguariensis (matè) have been reported to show significant medicinal or bioactive properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anti-cancer, modulation of gut microbiota, and antiproliferative effects. They are very rich in a group of compounds know as  methyl xanthines, these stimulate production of compounds that assist in warding of viral infections in persons with at least moderately healthy immune systems. 


Antioxidants level boost

Ilex guayusa leaves are found to be rich in antioxidants. The concentration in green leaves of Guayusa was found to be considerably higher than concentrations in fermented leaves. Our special method of non fermentative processing of Ilex guayusa leaves, our cold brewing Nightwatch from these leaves and our reluctance of using extracts for preparing Nightwatch was developed with just these results in mind. Our processing and production methods are fully intended to deliver the highest concentrations of beneficial compounds to you: the Nightwatch consumer. 





The non present high quantities of refined unnatural sugars is another health benefit. Research has shown over and over again: unnatural sugars have a negative effect on immune systems! They have a negative effect on blood sugar levels! Continuous over consumption of refined sugars lead to diabetes and obesity and should be avoided in general and especially in times such as these. Nightwatch contains only 4,2 grams of natural sugars per 100 ml, present in the juices we use to sweeten ever so lightly. 



If you wish to fully understand the items above, the compounds and their beneficial effect on your immune system?

Read this article:

Health Benefits of Bioactive Compounds from the Genus Ilex, a Source of Traditional Caffeinated Beverages


General advice

Don’t shake, and wash your hands often, don’t touch your face, and protect yourself with the foods you eat and beverages you consume. Don’t stress too much because stress also negatively effects your immune system.


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