Nightwatch is sustainable and we show it

Nightwatch is sustainable and we show it

Since the very beginning Nightwatch is a product that is grown and manufactured with respect for nature, animals  and humans. Years ago Nightwatch was convinced that sustainable and organic lasts. We love where we come from and take good care of it. That is why we have been working with Ecuadoran farmers who grow the guayusa plant. The natural secret behind Nightwatch’ Extreme Focus & Power.

Mind the earth, mind the Nightwatch logo’s!

Nightwatch is proud to be the first 100% biological and vegan-certified Extreme Energy Drink, answering the demands of a new conscious generation. The reason our band may proudly wear three important logo’s. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

The Vegan Logo

In the Netherlands, the Dutch Association for Veganism is a representative of the Vegan Quality Mark. You can find it on more and more products, especially food and beverages. Products with this logo are guaranteed to be free of animal ingredients and no materials of animal origin have been used in the production and development of the product. Furthermore, no animal testing was used in the production and development of the product.


Vegan stands for the more sustainable choice.

Veganism is more than a clear statement against a system in which animals are seen and treated as a tool or means of production. With a plant based diet you consciously choose a sustainable alternative and a cleaner, liveable planet. By consuming more vegetable than animal food and drink, you limit the CO2 emissions of your food pattern.

Vegans eat and drink the healthy way

A balanced, plant based diet provides all the nutrients to stay healthy and energetic. Plant based foods contain no cholesterol and less saturated fats. Plant based diets are also becoming increasingly popular among top athletes.


The European Bio logo


Secondly there's the European biological logo. It is mandatory on all organic products produced in the European Union (EU). The label makes clear that the product complies with EU rules for organic farming. The label may also be used on organic products from outside the EU, but this is not mandatory. The European organic label is a top quality label because of its high score on control, transparency and sustainability.


What makes Nightwatch biological?

According to European legislation, the following requirements are set for organic, thus for Nightwatch:

• Products must contain at least 95% genuine organic ingredients.

• It must be clear exactly where the ingredients come from.

• No chemical pesticides have been used.

• No fertilizer has been used.


100% bio, 100% sure


The European Commission, the organization behind the European organic label and the Skal Foundation, recognized by the Accreditation Council, check whether the European requirements for organic farming are met. Recently Skal renewed the license of Nightwatch. So, keep watching these important logos to make sure you enjoy long lasting power from a 100% biological and vegan energy drink.

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