Plant Based: champion of sports foods

Plant Based: champion of sports foods

Plant based: the base for achievements


Everyone knows: ambition, sleep, training and nutrition are the success factors for athletic performance. Nightwatch thinks the first three are important, we mainly specialize into the fourth. And especially in vegetable intake. A plant-based diet has many benefits for athletes and allows them to optimize their sports performance. It is not a coincidence that there are many vegans among top athletes. But even among the more fanatical amateur athletes, a balanced plant-based diet is increasingly becoming the basis for endurance training, muscle building or other body shaping.

Vegan style for winners

The main advantage of a plant-based diet is that it generally contains less fat and salt than a mixed diet, while being rich in vitamins, minerals, unrefined carbohydrates and fiber. Moreover, nutrition scientists agree that proteins and fats should be obtained mainly from plant sources. A well-planned vegan lifestyle can contribute to better athletic performance.

Nightwatch summarizes some background when it comes to food and drink.

Carbohydrates are the basis

Unrefined carbohydrates form the basis of plant-based diets for athletes, as these nutrients are vital for the functioning of muscles, nerve and brain cells. They contain healthier functional fatty acids than, for example, many animal proteins. More and more sports scientists are therefore recommending a plant-based diet

Good sources of carbohydrates are edible plants such as guayusa, whole grains, (sweet) potatoes, legumes, millet and 'pseudo grains' such as quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth.

Your muscles love protein

Body tissues, including muscles, are built and maintained with the help of proteins. This applies to muscle building as well as muscle recovery after an intensive workout.. Many people assume that for muscle recovery, the proteins should be taken soon after training. New studies are questioning this, suggesting that taking protein within three hours of exercise is also sufficient.


Another misunderstanding is that proteins are mainly found in animal products such as dairy and meat. While it is precisely the proteins in full-fledged, unprocessed carbohydrate-rich products – such as fruit – that significantly improve recovery and thus performance. Legumes and whole grain products are also particularly rich in proteins. 

Your bones love calcium

Calcium is very important for building and strengthening your bones Did you know that you can lose a lot of calcium through sweat? That is why athletes should consume extra calcium-rich products such as vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts, seeds or kernels.

Mind your vitamins and minerals

These are general recommendations. The most ideal balance of nutrition and fluids depends on the type and intensity of the sport practiced, but also on your personal situation and needs. It is important to take into account the intake of sufficient vitamins and minerals in a plant-based diet. If you know how, you can easily get these from plant-based foods too. In general, but certainly if you start exercising more intensively with a plant-based lifestyle, advice from a dietician or health specialist is always recommended.

Nightwatch, 100% Plant Based Extreme Energy Drink for Focus & Power

Nightwatch is the only 100% Plant Based Extreme Energy Drink that perfectly matches the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle as an athlete. Not only because -unlike many enegydrinks- there are no added artificial substances, but also because the organic caffeine in Nightwatch has a unique property.


Coffee, for example, is also a vegetable product, but has a so-called 'short chain', which means that this caffeine is quickly absorbed and quickly worked out after intake. Nightwatch contains natural caffeine from the guayusa plant with a long chain, which is regularly absorbed and thus ensures a long-lasting release and effect. This way you are always assured of long-term plant-based Focus & Power. And that's what you want if the athlete in you asks a little more of himself.


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