Prepare your devine return to festival country!

Prepare your devine return to festival country!

Gone is the period of forwarding nostalgic remember-festival-life-videos. The endless waiting and yearning seems history. Maybe not tomorrow, but finally we can go to festivals again! Time for the refresher course  'pack your bag' and 'plan a party' after the virus break? Nightwatch has already listed the best tips for you with which you can power every festival!

The tent is your base


Whether you borrow or buy: choose a nice and simple light tent. Your dad's old army tent is super cool, but the old metal sticks alone weigh as much as you do. And unless you have VIP tickets or press entrance; the whole thing also has to be lugged over an impossible course from parking lot to terrain and back. Those easy ‘pop up’ tents are chill, but there are also larger lightweight bungalow tents if you still want a cozy large festival hut.

Pack power to stay in touch

Nightwatch Energy Drink gives you extra Focus & Power. But your phone also needs juice. No matter how old or new your mobile is, you will be filming, taking pics, forwarding, texting and calling unnecessarily much (“I'm at the front left of the big tower speaker tower!!!”). So bring a power bank or rather two. And enough cords, blocks and plugs. Of course, many festivals now also have charging points. But the do-it-yourselfer consumes those expensive festival tokens with tastier juices.

Flag or App?


While strolling cozily, you suddenly lose the whole gang. Or your gang lost one in the crowd. So agreeing on a few meeting points every day is a very handy idea. And of course there is the famous festival flag, which towers high to keep the sheep (or rather sheep in wolf cloths) together. And are you already using the digital flag? With apps like Glympse, but also just Snap Map (SnapChat), or Google you can keep an eye on each other via mobile. On the other hand: accuracy is a thing with these apps, your power bank will empty even faster and the iconic old skool flag is cooler, right?


Back to that big speaker. Festivals are the ideal opportunity to ruin your ears. Of course it is wonderful to let the bass vibrate through your body in the middle of 100 decibels. But those little hairs and nerves in your ears don't like that. In other words: in small steps you’ll turn deaf.  So if you're a real die hard music fan, you want to score good caps. For some peace of mind: slightly advanced ones just let you enjoy the music while dampening the worst decibels. So just buy them, ok?


Do you remember what your mother said? Lubricate yourself well! Even when it's cloudy. You know what? She was right. You don't want to be woken up by your own blistering red shoulders rubbing painfully against your air mattress. And that after a day of festivals, lots of bits of skin come off. Your mother doesn't want that, but you don't want that either.

Festival classic: the PONCHO

Walking around with wet clothes is far from fun. And a festival should be fun. So: bring a poncho. Because yóú don’t mind love to wait a while at the front of the stage for your favorite act: the clouds don't. In addition: just a pack one extra set of towel, sweater, underpants and pants that are always dry at the bottom of your bag. Another tip: roll them up instead of folding them: saves space in your backpack.



Whether you're a dancer, stroller or both, you lose a lot more fluid than on an average day. So make sure you drink enough. In addition to beer or aother alcoholic beverages, keep drinking plenty of water. Many festivals offer free water points, so make sure you always have a bottle with you. Better yet, get rid of plastic: is your recyclable deposit beer glass empty? Fill it with one glass of tap-water before ordering the next ice-cold beer. This way you’ll stay well hydrated.

…And drink Nightwatch!

It was no secret that this was a Nightwatch item, was it? Precisely. But apart from the snell of advertising, there is no doubt that Nightwatch 100% Plant Based energy drink gives you extra Focus & Power. And you can really use that when dancing, flirting, roaming, stage diving and pogoing. Big advantage, in addition to the festival’s temptation to put junk in your body, Nightwatch is 100% organic and contains less sugar. And even the caffeine is much more natural than the artificial substances in other energy drinks. It is not for nothing that Nightwatch is the choice of a new conscious generation. So add a tray to our packlist: security will at most be jealous at the bag check.

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