Short course for fast pedalling 

Short course for fast pedalling 

Say, you're not just the average Tour de France hero, but still quite some cyclist.

You see the yellow jersey on telly and think: ok, maybe podium is a stage too far, but I'd love to get a bit faster, at least. Luckily for you there's Nightwatch: sponsor of everyone in search of more focus and power.

It's all about endurance and intensity

With endurance training you increase your condition, the basis on which you will build. And the wider the base, the greater your performance capacity. If you want to cycle faster, it is important to combine your endurance training with more intensive training in which you steadily increase your heart rate. Through training – you will notice - you can maintain higher speeds for longer. And by the way, Nightwatch, the 100% plant based extreme energy drink with guayusa extract is happy to lend you a hand when it comes to long-lasting energy. But first, let's look at some great tips, to hit the pedals hard.

Vary training intensity with interval workouts

To get faster and maintain speed, interval training is important. In other words: you alternate training sessions with a longer duration and a slightly lower speed with shorter duration and a higher speed. The body gets used to the high performance and can last longer and longer. You add strength to your stamina and speed.


The road is your yardstick


Each route has anchor points. A place name sign, hectometre posts, stripes, trees, the cafe on the corner or curves? For example, agree with yourself that you turn on for 10 seconds after each turn and you have a nice interval training.

Or sprint from hectometre pole to hectometre pole. You remember your time and your progress in a very natural way.

Practice your cadence

By smoothly pedalling the pedals, you get into a nice rhythm. We call this the cadence. The more comfortable you get into that rhythm, the easier it is to increase the number of turns. The faster you get.

Learn to corner faster


You lose speed in a bend. If you learn to drive well in curves, you will save energy and on balance you will be faster. We want quickly, must be smart. So practice!

Work together

Do you have cycling friends? Head-over-head rides are not only very social and fun, they are ideal for training speed. You alternate cycling above your turning point with more relaxed driving. Unloading is not there, because you don't want to give up for your friends. Together you build each other up to a pace you never thought possible. In any case: if you manage to ride at a high pace with that group for a long time, your body will get used to it; it remembers those training stimuli. Do that structurally and often and you will see that you will become faster.

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