The Nightwatch top 5 crazy sports for which you need focus & power: go for it!

The Nightwatch top 5 crazy sports for which you need focus & power: go for it!

It looks like we can move a little more freely this summer. And exercise is something we really missed. Celebrate that freedom with something new!

Looking for a fun new sport or crazy challenge? Nightwatch has the July Top 5 sports-you-probably-never-heard-of. Choose the one you like, stock up on Nightwatch and discover this sunny season.

1. Stair Track

Elevator enthusiasts should skip this one. If you prefer to take the stairs, ‘Stair Track’ will take you to the next level. Think: climbing stairs hard and fast, while overtaking your opponents. With a helmet on, because despite the fair rules - no physical contact - sometimes there maybe collisions.

2. Bossa Ball

Do you like trampolines, good music and ball sports? Throw them in a mixer and you have Bossaball! A dynamic sport that combines volleyball, football and gymnastics on an inflatable playing field with trampolines. The referee is also a DJ. You sport to his music where he occasionally throws a whistle to keep everything a bit organised.

3. Supyoga

SUP and yoga have in common that they are super relaxed to practice. Because a SUP board is quite wide, there is space enough to do some yoga exercises. Steer your sup to a calm stretch of water and become one with nature during your exercises. Balance, poise and focus are very important in this total workout for mind and body.

4. Soccer squash

The name says it all: squash, but with a football. Skip arms and legs and let your feet do the talking. The ball may only bounce once and touch it a maximum of three times. And of course there are slightly different rules than with regular squash.

5. Quidditch

Harry potter fans know: Quidditch is not a London tube station. It’s a sport! That's right: with a broomstick between your legs! It’s actually being played in real life too! Two teams of seven players, play with three balls: an inflated volleyball -the quaffle-, dodge balls -the bludgers- and a snitch: the tennis ball in a yellow sock hanging from an impartial person. Grab that snitch!

Inspired? Keep your Nightwatch ready and go for it!

No excuses: you can get started this summer! Nightwatch is the ideal energizer to try one out. Because this 100% plant based energy drink contains the extract of the guayusa plant, it is your ideal buddy before, during and after your workout. Firstly, sugar free Nightwatch lacks sugar, that many other energizers contain. It gives a short up, but soon after the infamous 'sugar crash' appears.  Moreover the guayusa plant contains ingredients that ensure a regular and long release of caffeine, which lets you experience extreme focus and power for a long time.

Tip: google the sports and see where you can find your ideal club or sports association. Nothing will stop you this summer from having a blast on another unusual sport. With Nightwatch, the choice of a new conscious generation!

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