Nightwatch gives you the power to move!

Nightwatch gives you the power to move!

Energy: you need it to work, live and work out. But moving and exercising also pays back in energy. So why don’t we move a bit more? At Nightwatch we want to encourage you and provide you with the focus and power to do so!

The reason we should exercise.

The busy lives we live don’t always provide the extra energy to work out. But just because we live those busy lives, we should work out and move each day. Starting by going for a walk. 30 minutes a day can already increase your mental and physical health immensely. It clears your head because of the endorphin that your body makes. Happy feelings make for a bit of perspective!

Working out reduces your risk of heart diseases. Because of the better blood circulation, oxygen can move around quicker. It makes for a lower blood pressure and cholesterol degree. Moreover, your lunges ventilate much better and your overall resistance grows. 

How can Nightwatch help?

Some things you have to do on your own: get out and work out! We promise you will feel good afterwards, or at least proud of yourself for doing so. 

What we can do is help you to feel energized during your workout. Nightwatch is a 100% plant based, extreme energy drink. The caffeine we use comes from the Ecuadorian guayusa plant. Tribes in the Amazon use it for hunting and to guard their villages. They discovered that it magnifies your focus & power.The guayusa plant provides natural caffeine together with l-theanine. This ideal combination leads to a slow release of caffeine, instead of the all-at-once caffeine shot you’re used to get from artificial energy drinks. The long-lasting energy will make you feel empowered and able to conquer any workout. So get up and get going! Nightwatch will lead the way. 

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