The Tough Top 5 WODs

The Tough Top 5 WODs

Nightwatch, The Extreme Energy Drink for Focus & Power, loves a workout. At CrossFit, weightlifting, athletics and gymnastics are combined into one way of training. It mainly concerns different variations during training and the repetition of the exercises. By alternating exercises and adjusting the number of repetitions, you can make a workout more and more intensive. The Workout of the day (WOD) is often a daily part of this.


This is an intense workout of 10 to 20 minutes. The WOD is a combination of different exercises with a certain number of repetitions. It's about doing the exercises as many times as possible within a given time, or improving your own time. Are you already a bit in crossft and are you curious about the toughest WODs? brace yourself:

The Filthy 50

Filthy 50 is all about repetition. And because it’s not called that for nothing, we advise you to start with 20 to 25 and the build up to 50. You repeat each exercise exactly as often and of course all this as quickly as possible.


• 50 box jumps (24 inch box);

• 50 jumping pull-ups;

• 50 kettlebell swings (16 kg);

• 50 walking lunge steps;

• 50 knees to elbows;

• 50 push presses (20 kg);

• 50 back extensions;

• 50 wall balls (9 kg);

• 50 burpees;

• 50 double unders.

The Murphy

The name of this WOD is a tribute to Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan. CrossFit has heavy exercises, but it is mainly the repetitions of different exercises in a WOD that make the workout difficult. This also applies to the Murph. You do as soon as possible:

• 1.6 km run;

• 100 pull ups;

• 200 push-ups;

• 300 air squats;

• Run 1.6 km.


Especially the last 1.6 kilometers of running is very hard with this exercise. You now also have 300 squats in the legs. Complete the exercise in 45 minutes and you're good!

The seven.

Not surprisingly, you repeat each exercise in this WOD seven times and you do the round with the different exercise seven times as well. So you do the exercises seven times seven times. Are you still with us?

So one round of this WOD looks like this:

• 7 handstand pushups;

• 7 thrusters (95 lbs);

• 7 knees to elbows;

• 7 deadlifts (165 lbs);

• 7 burpees;

• 7 kettlebell swings;

• 7 pull ups.


The challenge is to complete the entire WOD in under twenty minutes. Is it your first time? But don't be surprised if you double it in the beginning.

The Fran

This is certainly not the longest WOD out there; The point is to complete this WOD as quickly as possible. Here he is again in the loop.


• 21 thrusters (men: 95 lbs / women: 65 lbs);

• 21 pull ups;

• 15 thrusters;

• 15 pull ups;

• 9 thrusters;

• 9 pull ups.


As you can see, you decrease the number of reps during the WOD. Make no mistake about this WOD. It may be short and clear, but it is a very intense training.

The Angie

Classic pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and squats are covered in this WOD. It seems easy, but also this time the difficulty is in the repetition. for time:

• 100 pull ups;

• 100 push-ups;

• 100 sit ups;

• 100 squats.


The Angie is not only physically demanding, but also mentally challenging. You can really look forward to 100 reps. The trick is to divide these 100 into manageable pieces for you. Think "5 times 20" or another format so as not to see that killing 100 before your eyes every time. Focus and power is the best combination. Nightwatch knows all about that. Our 100% Plant Based Extreme Energy Drink is in any case a good tip for extra energy that you can certainly use more than usual with the WOD’s.

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