Your last tips for the Amsterdam Marathon!

Your last tips for the Amsterdam Marathon!

The Amsterdam Marathon is now really getting closer! We previously gave training tips from experience experts. Nightwatch - the energy drink for focus and power - now likes to give you smart tips for the Marathon. Even if you are experienced, it never hurts to go through them again. Who knows, you might read one for the first time!

The morning before the marathon

  • Are your devices charged? Music can really help you get through the difficult parts.
  • Have you written your target times on your arm with a waterproof marker?
  • Look around, listen to the buzz, record everything and enjoy!
  • Of course you should eat good but don't overdo it. You eat until about two hours before the start.
  • Drink well and continue to do so. The advantage of Nightwatch 100% Plant Based Extreme Energy is the unique natural caffeine from the guayusa plant. In combination with other natural substances, the energy of one unit is slowly and gradually spread over time. A can or bottle of Nightwatch therefore gives you long-lasting energy. In addition, drink what works for you and be sure to drink enough water during your run.
  • Be there well in advance, especially for a big marathon.
  • Warm up as you are used to. But don't waste too much energy. The same goes for your stretching exercises.
  • Wear a garbage bag around you until 1 minute before the start. It'll keep you warm adn comfy.

You are running!

  • Enjoy!
  • Stay relaxed: walk slower than you would like. The temptation to rush is great, but 50% leave too soon. Catching up later is very good for morale.
  • A gel (or 2) is always useful if you are used to this, it has helped me a lot.
  • Take the time to drink (and eat)
  • Continue to measure your heart rate. You can get very absorbed in the hectic competition, but an objective friend will keep a close eye on you.
  • Your real marathon only starts after 30 to 35 km, keep that in mind if you want to accelerate earlier than that.

Enjoy the magic of the moment!


Remember: it's fun and you're going to do something great. Enjoy it and don't lose sleep over it. Then you will soon be in your starting area with a big smile and full of self-confidence. Enjoy the marathon through the authentic Amsterdam and its encouragements to the fullest. We wish you a lot of Extreme Focus & Power. And have fun!

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