Nightwatch organises Community days in Ecuador

Nightwatch organises Community days in Ecuador

Nightwatch puts a lot of thought into the organisation of educational and convivial community days that we celebrate together with the Ecuadorian communities. 

In the Napo region of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Nightwatch works closely together with the Quichua communities. The tribes are the original founders of the positive energy the guayasa plants contain. They believe the plants have special powers and work hard to cultivate them. This is one of the many reasons Nightwatch loves to work with these communities.

The traditional farming methods the tribes own, is something Nightwatch would like to preserve. We work together so the communities can retain their ancient traditions and you can enjoy the positive energy that is extracted from their harvested guayusa. Because of this co-operation, the Ecuadorian farmers can profit from their ancient knowledge. 

In 2015, in order to have a strong collaboration, Nightwatch started organising community days on which we celebrate with more than 1500 people by dancing, eating and drinking. It brings the farmers closer together which is something fundamental in order to get the best work done. 

These community days are also characterized by education. We find it important to cooperate socially responsible, so the farmers can live off Nightwatch profits but it is done in a sociologically and economically responsible way. We try and educate about child labour and the importance of going to school as a kid. But also about sustainability, reforestation and the cruciality of the reduction of plastic. 

The tradition of the community days increases the awareness of the former topics. Every unit of Nightwatch drinks donates a part to the community days and the communities themselves. We thank you for contributing to that. 

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