We introduce to you our Nightwatch producer: Hermann Pfanner

We introduce to you our Nightwatch producer: Hermann Pfanner

Our Nightwatch drink is being produced in Austria by Hermann Pfanner. We’ve been working with Pfanner since the very beginning and will share with you our story.

Their roots go back to 1856 when Max Hermann Pfanner started the company and it has always stayed a family business. The reason we love working with Pfanner is because of the goals that they achieve. They have the highest standards of the beverage industry when it comes to the quality of production. In fact, they received certificates on ‘Outstanding quality management’, ‘The most state of the art factory in Europe’ and ‘The highest environmental standards’. 

Today, they are one of the biggest apple processors in Europe and their mind is fully set on sustainability and social responsibility. The Nightwatch family can very much speak to their ideas of product and business development as well as to their ideas on sustainability and social responsibility. While producing Nightwatch, we believe it’s important to engage the very people that discovered the natural extreme energy that the guayusa plant contains. By producing our energy drink, we are enabling the Quichua tribe in Ecuador to profit from their ancient knowledge and farming-methods. That way, their discovery of the focus and power the guayusa plant provides, will be shared with the rest of the world. 

Pfanner’s environmental awareness can also be found in the eco-friendly and resource-conserving production method. They are the strongest partner of FAIRTRADE when it comes to fairly traded fruit juices and are in possession of labels that prove their environmental standards. This completely corresponds to our vision of production. While we work with the nightwatchmen in Ecuador we cooperate with and donate to reforestation and research projects so that we can enjoy the benefits of the guayusa plant without encroaching on the rainforest.

We believe that by working with Pfanner we can achieve the most sustainably efficient way of getting our Nightwatch drink to you.



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