How Nightwatch increases your productivity

How Nightwatch increases your productivity

There are two kinds of productivity. The first is the productivity of a company: how much can be done by how many people? The second is almost the same but relates to your personal productivity. As we're living in a fast developing world, the same is expected from you. And while developing demands a lot of energy, being productive can make things easier on you. 

At Nightwatch, we think increasing your productivity makes for better quality. When you really pay attention to the tasks in front of you, you notice all the details. And when you have an overall idea of what needs to be done, tackling the tasks becomes easier and you'll get more productive. In the long haul, this means more time for you to spend on other things and yourself. 

So, what can Nightwatch do to improve your productivity? A lot, actually. Our natural extreme energy drink is made up of plant based ingredients only. The focus is on a leaf called guayusa. The guayusa leaves contain xanthines that release energy, very slowly over time. This means you don't get to experience a sugar rush but do feel focused during a long period of time. While working, this is something that everyone values highly. You don't want to feel focused for just 15 minutes but throughout the whole day. When drinking Nightwatch, that is exactly what will happen and your productivity will increase immensely. A growth like that will only support your innovativity and give you confidence. 

The power that the guayusa leaf delivers, also contributes to that productivity. Not only will you be focused on the particular tasks, you will also have the power to, for instance, start with the most boring or hard one.

The guayusa leafs do not only contain caffeine but also l-theanine which makes sure you stay relaxed. We find it important for you to feel energized but not rushed. The l-theanine will also contribute to your feeling of focus but in an easy and tranquil way. 

Nightwatch will give you all the natural ingredients to feel focused and energized. Not only your cognitive but all of your performances will get better and you will feel stimulated and ready to increase your productivity. 

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