The Specialty House in Emmeloord has now included Nightwatch in its product rang

The Specialty House in Emmeloord has now included Nightwatch in its product rang

The Specialty House in Emmeloord, is a special food store that has now included Nightwatch in its product range. The Specialty House is a member of the Odin cooperation and strongly believes in positive energy containing products, such as our extreme positive energy drink. It specialises in health food products and Odin provides the opportunity for it to sell biological products that take man and nature into account. 

Odin is a firm believer of choices and believes that with every euro you spend on groceries, you define and influence the world around you. Nightwatch is a company with a conscious mind and a heart for nature. We choose to only use all-natural ingredients. Odin distinguishes itself by selling biological products only which is why they now also sell Nightwatch. 

Odin has around 20 supermarkets throughout the country, a wholesale and a delivery service. With their 150 collection points, they provide the option for you to support locals.  Their main goal is therefore, to work with local businesses such as farmers, gardeners, butchers and bakers. They also have their own farm and beekeeping. At Nightwatch, we have always found it important to work with the Ecuadorian farmers, who possess the farming knowledge concerning our main ingredient, guayusa. Just like Odin, we think it’s important to contribute to a cleaner, more fair and energetic world. 

Their supply chain is fully sustainable and they have an exact view of what happens while they get your food from the farm, on to your plate. This sustainable way of producing food and getting it to your customer is in line with our Nightwatch drink which is why Odin wants their customers to enjoy our Extreme energy drink. 


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