Along with the plant based market, Nightwatch is skyrocketing

Along with the plant based market, Nightwatch is skyrocketing

The vegetable market is booming. Research shows that the Netherlands are crazy about Plant Based and so is Europe. Compared to other countries, the Dutch spend a lot on it per capita. And the end is not yet in sight: there are still many growth opportunities in the future. Nightwatch has been pioneering with conviction for years and our 100% Plant Based Extreme Energy Drink quickly conquers hearts and shelves.


Europe is fan of vegan

The eleven countries in the European Union that collectively represent 57% of the European population (the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania and Great Britain) have grown by 49% over the past two years. 


No matter which channel; to participate is to profit

Plant Based products were not only bought more often in the large supermarket chains, the discounters also gained ground. The share in these stores now stands at 11%. Today's retailer can no longer ignore vegetables, let alone tomorrow's.

There are even studies that point in the direction of the Covid period, in which awareness rose and with it the demand for plant-based. Left and right it indicates that for category managers is best to join in now, with a larger share of Plant Based in the assortment.


Nightwatch: the one of a kind bio energy drink

Attention for opportunities in the energy drink shelf is attention for 100% Plant Based Nightwatch. Demand is not only increasing because people are looking for healthier alternatives to sugar and artificial additives in energy drinks. More and more athletes and practitioners of intensive professions are also discovering that Nightwatch stands for real long-lasting energy. This is due to the natural extracts from guayusa: plant from the Amazon and secret of Nightwatch. The caffeine from this plant has the advantage that it is absorbed more gradually by the body, which guarantees long-lasting Focus & Power. Added together, it makes Nightwatch the choice of a new conscious generation.


A fertile offer on your shelf, is a few clicks away

If you want to try and see why leading companies rapidly increase their demands for Nightwatch, order your stocks today. Nightwatch is sold in cans en bottles.

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