Breaking news for organic products like Nightwatch!

Breaking news for organic products like Nightwatch!

Breaking news for organic products like Nightwatch!

More and more people realize: organic food is better for people, animals and the planet. But in the supermarket, there is still a lot to gain between the dream of a fully-fledged organic range and the current shelf. But there's good news from The Netherlands. The House of Representatives passed four motions to promote a healthy system of organic farming and food. A ‘supermarket covenant’ with the same opportunities and standards for everyone. Great news for organic brands. Great news for Nightwatch!


A more organic Holland? Like everywhere: it starts in the supermarket.

The fact that supermarkets play an enormous role in consumer choice has already been shown from previous pilots with organic food on the shop floor. The motion is partly due to the more active role of Bionext. This organic trade association makes the subject more visible towards politics. That now seems to have worked. With the motion, Minister Schouten, will now provide active information, more shelf space and a wider range. In joint forces with the supermarkets.


More organic energy drink than artificial.

The wider the range, the easier the consumer will buy natural, organically produced products. The extreme energy drink Nightwatch already skyrocketed  and  of course the brand applauds this development enormously. Smart supermarket buyers must be getting ready!


More demand for organic: those who are ready will benefit.

The trend now seems unstoppable. More demand for organic, more turnover, more profit for the planet. Win, win, win, so to speak. Anyone who is already pre-sorting with the range will profit from maximum benefits later.


Nightwatch: the one and only organic extreme energy drink on the shelf

Years ago Nightwatch was convinced that ‘sustainable’ and ‘organic’ lasts. The most powerful ingredient is the guayusa plant. We love where we come from and take good care of this source. That is why we have been working with Ecuadorian farmers since the beginning to harvest this beautiful plant at a fair price. The effect of guayusa is so unique: artificial substances or sugar become unnecessary. Result: just like sustainable products in the market, the fans of Nightwatch eventually hold on for longer, with extreme focus and power.


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