Euro 2020: Cheering the Nightwatch way

Euro 2020: Cheering the Nightwatch way

We had to wait a year, but it has finally started. Euro 2020 kicked off with the Turkey-Italy match. The whole of the Netherlands is preparing for the first meeting with Ukraine. Streets are covered in orange, new TV’s are installed, friends are invited and refrigerators are full. With beer only or will you prepare smarter?


The game on Sunday, up early on Monday?

We all know it, watching football with friends. Before the match has started, the necessary beer has already been consumed. However, this will not apply to everyone at the first game of the Dutch National Team at the European Championship. On Monday, the bulk of the people are expected to return to work fresh and fruity. Suppose you keep it completely fresh….what will you drink? We agree it's far from nice to follow the screen with a water in your hand while everyone goes wild on the goals that are scored…


Extreme cheering with Nightwatch!

You want to stay without alcohol, but full of power on Sunday evening? Get the other bottle. With Nightwatch you have something tasty in your hand, with enough focus and power to cheer, sing and jump. Loose on Sunday evening, fresh on Monday and get to work! Good idea? Great: because you also get a 15 % discount in the webshop with discount code: #EK2021VB

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