Hot weather coming up! Keep your cool with Nightwatch

Hot weather coming up! Keep your cool with Nightwatch

If you take a quick peek out of the window, it doesn't exactly look like summer. According to meteorologists, summer is on its way though. Newspaper Telegraaf shares that weatherman Jaco van Wezel expects even drier and sunnier weather than usual in July, “with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees.” Make sure Nightwatch is within reach; our 100% plant based energy drink will provide you with extreme focus and power for all outdoor activities.


Summer body-proof

Whenever the weather is too hot to handle, turn to Nightwatch. Don’t worry about your bikini body: Nightwatch has no added or artificial sugars. Wondering what our main ingredient is? Guayusa! Sustainably harvested in Ecuador. Guayasa provides a gradual release of energy to the body. Therefore, it lasts longer!


See the sunrise with Nightwatch

Amazonian Indians chew guayusa leaves when they guard the village. They’ll stay awake for 48 hours! Hence, their nickname: Nightwatch-men. Our energy drink might come in handy when you pull an all-nighter to get work done, but it is even more fun to bring to a party. With Nightwatch, you’re guaranteed to see the sunrise. Enjoy!





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