Introducing the future of racing: Nightwatch’s concept car for Formula E.

Introducing the future of racing: Nightwatch’s concept car for Formula E.

We have been asked many times if Nightwatch would ever partner with Formula 1. Our answer to that is no, but Formula E definitely YES!

Unbeatable tech, global city circuits, top teams and drivers, world’s greenest sport… How can we say no?

The choice of a new conscious generation.

Formula E, the all-electric counterpart to Formula 1, represents a huge shift in the racing industry. Just like Nightwatch represents a huge shift in the energy drink industry.

While Formula 1 has a rich heritage and a dedicated fan base, it relies on fossil fuel powered engines. In contrast, Formula E embraces the future of sustainable mobility by utilizing electric powertrains, minimizing carbon emissions, and promotion eco-friendly racing.

First generation energy drinks contain artificial ingredients, contain lots of sugars which cause an energy crash, while Nightwatch is 100% plant based, no artificial ingredients are added and will give you long-lasting energy. Check our certificates here:  Certificates

Nightwatch, the new generation extreme energy drink, is committed to sustainability and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Check our different projects here: Projects

Our Formula E concept car aligns perfectly with our brand values, as it embodies our dedication to eco-consciousness, forward-thinking solutions, having a positive impact on a global scale and encourage accelerating the transition of the energy drink industry to a more sustainable future.

Focus & power.

Formula E demands unwavering focus & power. The intense speed, G-forces and heat push drivers to their limits, requiring maximum focus & power. Mechanics and all parties involved must maintain their full concentration as a single mistake can cost you valuable points. That’s why Nightwatch is the ideal companion for Formula E, providing healthy long-lasting energy, focus & power to excel in every thrilling moment!

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