Lockdown's over, stick to the sports!

Lockdown's over, stick to the sports!

Heres a sing-along:

A whole new world

A new fantastic point of view

No one to tell us no

Or where to go

Or say we're only dreaming”

- Aladdin

Yep. We can eat at a restaurant again. We can jump on a plane (or train). We can try all kinds of sports. Although were excited to go bog snorkelling or compete in a cheese rolling race (we kid you not), were also committed to our lockdown workouts. These are our favourites. Stopwatch in one hand, Nightwatch in the other. Lets go!


Cold water swimming

The Wim Hof method (cold water showers, baths, dips) is gaining more and more popularity. The method teaches techniques that help you to regain your focus. Not a fan of Ice, ice, baby?Nightwatch is the 100% plant based energy drink that gives long-lasting focus and power. You could drink in the shower or sea, but you dont have to.


Daily walks

If you have been locked up with your partner (or yourself!) on fifty square meters, you know how important it is to go outside every now and then. A daily walk gives a new perspective on things (and a chance to pet dogs). Afterwards, you feel energized again. Dont feel bad if you cannot go out every single day: Nightwatch provides you with long lasting energy as well. Bonus: the active substances from the guayusa plant, like natural caffeine and xanthines, release their energy over a longer period of time. 


Home fitness

When all gyms were closed, we turned to home workouts. We used our creativity and our own body weight to stay in shape. Netflix & Chill (our favourite kind of marathon) included. At the same time, we were snacking a lot, including soft drinks. Now the gyms are open again, its a whole new world. We can combine gym with home workouts. We will leave all the snacks and sugarful stuff behind. Well just stick with Nightwatch (no added sugars!). Thats what Aladdin would do.


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