Loss of energy? NightWatch Helps!

Loss of energy? NightWatch Helps!

Sometimes you’re completely knackered and it's obvious why; you went straight through the night, with little sleep. But sometimes it just happens to you and you have no idea why you are so exhausted. Nightwatch, the energy drink for extreme focus and power, is happy to help you.


Why can you feel de-energized?

If you regularly catch yourself feeling lethargic, it can be due to many different subjects: exercise, nutrition, intake of sufficient fluids, sleep and mental health. Where do you get energy from and how do you get more focus and strength again? Check all the tips from the connoisseur, if we may say so ourselves.


1. Eat better

Eating enough fruits and vegetables will help you to have more energy. But especially do not forget to eat varied. And know what you eat. Vegetable products contain a lot more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than vegetable products.


2. Move more, exercise more

As paradoxical as it may be, the solution to fatigue is often found in more exercise. When you move, you have more energy and it is emitted by your body. It also lowers levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline, giving you more energy and better sleep.


3. Sleep!

Speaking of: why is good sleep so important? Sleeping is recovering from the past day. In your sleep you build up energy for the next day. Less sleep, less energy.


4. Relax, take it easy!

A little stress keeps you sharp. Too much stress, at work or in the rest of your life, kills your energy. Take it easy baby.


5. Take it easy with caffeine, nicotine and alcohol

Excuse me; we are not going to explain smoking. Check here for the effects of nicotine and tar.

And coffee can temporarily give you a feeling of more energy, it also makes sleeping less easy. Alcohol is the greatest energy destroyer. Cutting back means better sleep and it takes your liver less energy to break it down.


6. Sufficient sunlight

The sun provides us with vitamin D. A deficiency manifests itself in feelings of fatigue. The best excuse to enjoy the sun! Remember to apply enough sunscreen.


7. Supplements Can Help

It is best to eat healthy food as much as possible. But supplements are also a good way to keep your energy up. For example with extra Vitamin C, D, Magnesium and Omega-3.


8. Drink water to the max

A healthy adult body consists approximately 60% of water. If we have too little of it, your mind and body will let you know, by lowering the energy levels. Drink, drink and drink a little more. And then there is an ultimate tip to drink even extra well:


9. Drink Nightwatch!

Nightwatch is the 100% plant-based energy drink, without artificial additives. That means also without sugar, which is in most alternative energy drinks. Sugar causes a short 'up' but also a destructive 'down' better known as the sugar crash.


And the greatest strength is in the guayusa plant: its leaves are chewed by the Quicha Indians. They do this for a reason because the xanthines in it, ensure a quiet release of the natural caffeine. This way they experience long-lasting energy and use it to keep watch or hunt at night in the Amazon. And you can take it in your daily life, to be energized for a long time!


Oh and in terms of sleep: for a good night, it is wise to stop consuming caffeine four hours before bedtime!






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