Nightshift? Nightwatch to the rescue!

Nightshift? Nightwatch to the rescue!

Rumour has it the food service industry is hungry for new staff. After being closed for what feels like ages, restaurants now have to deal with a manpower shortage. During lockdown, workers with zero-hours contracts were not entitled to payment and forced to look for other jobs. Without these flexible employees being on-call, the restaurant business has to work overtime. Nightwatch to the rescue!


100% plant based power for working  

Nightwatch is the 100% plant based energy drink for extreme focus and power. Our main ingredient? The guayusa plant! Sustainably harvested in collaboration with Ecuadorian Quicha tribes, we use the leaf that these indigenous tribes drink when on night-watch. Their nickname: The Night Watchmen.


Become a Nightwatchman or -woman

Until theres enough staff, we suggest each and every hospitality worker should become a ‘Night Watchman.’ Our drink will provide long lasting energy. We will take you through the day, into the night. Youll be completely powered by nature. No artificial additives, no artificial caffeine, no artificial sugars. Now back to business!


Pro tip: put Nightwatch on your menu

Its the perfect drink for Mocktails. Try our Indian Summer Mocktail for example. Check out the recipe.

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