Nightwatch and the NVWA: together for a good product!

Nightwatch and the NVWA: together for a good product!

In the Netherlands, we buy food and drinks with the confidence that they are safe for us. We can rely on this safe thought, because there are laws and regulations that companies must adhere to and that ensure that they do not affect animal welfare and nature. This often works well, but not always. That is why the NVWA stands for the safety of food, consumer products, animal welfare and nature. The NVWA monitors and promotes compliance by companies and monitors animal and plant health.


Always watching your health and environment.

Nightwatch is 100% plant-based and we want to take the best care of where we come from and who we work for: the earth and you. That is why we are very proud of our NVWA registration. Together with like-minded entrepreneurs, who adhere to the laws and regulations, we stand for that safety. And of course with the critical consumer, with you, who also pays close attention. Together we have the power and focus to adequately manage risks to people, animals and nature. Cheers to that!



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