Nightwatch available at Plantage Rococo!

Nightwatch available at Plantage Rococo!

In the village of Velsen between the North Sea and Amsterdam, you can discover a special hide away. Plantage Rococo is not just a hotel. Built around the 17th and 18th century, the country house is now a historic gem where ecological lifestyle, art and accommodation merge. How lovely that you can enjoy Nightwatch Extreme Energy 100% Plant Based from your minibar in this place!

The journey is the destination

Plantage Rococo is not a hotel for travellers: it is the destination itself. This place embraces sustainability and values ​​a conscious lifestyle. All senses open immediately. Whether you enjoy the characteristic halls, the amazing art collection or sniff nature between huge palms and rich flora and fauna.


After a good sleep, keep your eyes and mouth well opened

In the hotel you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner among the greenery. Plantage Rococo embraces a sustainable & eco lifestyle with a backery cafe, a wine cellar and a vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant. Nightwatch Extreme Energy 100% Plant Based for Focus & Power therefore fits perfectly in our range! No superfluous luxury if you go for a walk in the breathtaking 26-hectare spacious garden. Enjoy an ice-cold Nightwatch from your minibar or order it in the restaurant, café or kumbucha bar. Curious? If you’re lucky you can book here, for your favourite days.

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