Nightwatch @ De Kweker Amsterdam.

Nightwatch @ De Kweker Amsterdam.

De Kweker is one of the oldest and largest food wholesalers in Amsterdam, they were founded in 1949 under the name Vroegop en Zonen.

Since the early beginning their focus was on suplying high quality and fair foodstuffs to a wide scala of caterers, restaurants and hotels in and around Amsterdam. Today Kweker customers like de Bijenkorf and het Concertgebouw can choose from a selection of 28.000 products. De Kwekers exclusive focus on foodstuffs and retailers keeps the company small yet powerfull enough to keep innovating.

It is De Kwekers mission to be a socially responsible company. Besides gearing up to be totally emmision-free they also cooperate with local care organization Cordaan to provide jobs for people with physical or other ailments usually distanced from the labor market and thus enabeling them to have active roles in society.

Being a Amsterdam born and raised socialy responsible company and with Nightwatch founders having been familiar with De Kweker most of their lives, we can say:

Nightwatch is extremely, yes extremely proud for you to be able to get your Positive Energydrink for Focus and Power @ De Kweker Amsterdam today!!

( item numbers: 197620 for 24x250 ml can and  197621 for 24x330 ml bottle) 

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